Kiting in Montenegro


GORI.Node Garden

This is an interview with Jeehyun OH who presented GORI Private Network Garden project on this year's ARS Electronica. The concept of the work is the combination of two factors; network, nature and how it balances each other.

The work is shown as small electronic flower gardens where the garden represents the social network you belong to and the flowers symbolize your privatized network nodes; GORIs.


ARS Electronica 2005

HYBRID—living in paradox, the theme of ARS Electronica 2005, examines the implosive tendencies that digital technologies impose on the world, bringing cultures on top of each other and flouting boundaries: national, material, technological and psychological.

Hybrid creations and creatures, identities and cultures emerge from recombinations of our three basic codes: numeric, genetic and atomic. Digital media art itself is a hybrid born from the connection of art and technology, accumulating diverse modes of expression and demanding a unique crossover of expertise and knowledge.


Rock Otocec

DNA production went to ROCK OTOCEC the muddiest, craziest and loudest 3 days Rock Festival in Slovenia, where we shoot a movie for the Electrolux Company. They installed at this Rock Festival, that is known for his dirty mudd games, a special Rock Laundry Service - for all those, who wanted to stay clean!

We produced a special 3 minute spot, where this Electrolux action is introduced to all those, who didn't have the chance or time to see it life at the Rock festival ROCK OTOCEC. Take a look and don't be shocked!



In the time of holidays, on the end of July, DNA Production made two day expedition to the highest mountain of Slovene Alps, this is Triglav with 2864m hight. Friends from Ireland, Germany, Austria and of course Slovenia joined us on this expedition.


New York

At the beginning of May DNA Productions made a trip to the New York to explore the city. Here are some impressions.


MTV Adria

In May we made this video for MAGDALENA - Festival of creative communications. The task was to create an audio-visual idea which can aesthetically represent MTV Adria and implement that idea in the form of a promotional film which will be aired as an art break on MTV Adria.